Company Policy

To create a sustainable economic society, IMPREX Corporation will make every effort to prevent environmental pollution and reduce environmental burden, and contribute to the conservation of the global environment.

CEO Message


1 . Semiconductor manufacturing equipment Promote long life of peripheral equipment for environmental pollution prevention / reduction of load through maintenance of peripheral equipment.
Also, when selling maintenance parts, we will continue to provide environmentally friendly parts.
2 . We comply with other requirements including environment related laws and regulations applicable to the organization, customer requirements agreed by us.
3 . In order to achieve this environmental policy, we set environmental objectives and environmental targets for our company and each department, and we will continuously review and revise the environmental management system and revise as necessary.
4 . Of the environmental aspects involving our activities, products and services, make the following items the priority theme of environmental management.
(1) Recycle  (2) Energy saving  (3) Waste reduction
5 . This environmental policy is made public to all people who work in the organization or work for the organization and are available to the general public.

We acquire ISO every year.